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Our Guest Information

The Board of Governors encourages all guests of Merchantville Country Club to familiarize themselves with the information below. The rules and policies set forth are not meant to deter, but to ensure a positive experience for all. Before your visit, please direct any questions to your hosting member or the main office.

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General Guest Guidelines

Guests are expected to demonstrate proper etiquette during their visit to MCC. Members must accompany their guest(s) at all times on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Guests are allowed to play six rounds per year, excluding tournaments and special events. No cash payments are accepted with the exception of pro shop merchandise transactions. All other purchases must be billed to the hosting member.

Dress Code

The dress code summarized below is traditional; reflecting the wishes of our membership and practices of similar establishments. The Board of Governors authorized our senior staff to administer the standards of dress on club property. We ask club visitors to adhere to the code below regarding their attire while on club grounds.

Men: Collared shirts, mock turtle neck shirts with at least a one and one half inch collar, Bermuda length shorts, golf pants and slacks.

Ladies: Collared shirts, mock turtle neck shirts with at least a one and one half inch collar, skirts, slacks and Bermuda length shorts.

No denim or cargo shorts / pants with external pockets are permitted on the golf course or in the dining room. Denim and cargo shorts / pants are permitted in the grill room and deck.

Children are expected to follow the above guidelines. Some flexibility will be offered to young children as long as attire is similar to above guidelines.

Dress is required to be neat and tasteful while keeping with club standards set above. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times. Cut-offs, short-shorts (no higher than two inches above knee), t-shirts, tank/tube tops and gym apparel are not acceptable. Hats are to be worn in their traditional fashion with the brim facing forward and are not permitted in the dining room. Casual footwear including sandals and loafers are acceptable.

When attending an event at the club, please contact the party host or Banquet Manager regarding guidelines for the event.

Wireless Devices

All wireless communication devices including cell phones, Blackberries and iPhones are prohibited from use while on the golf course. These devices may be used in a courteous fashion while in the clubhouse. Under extraordinary circumstances, prior permission may be granted by the golf professional for use of these devices on the course. In such cases, devices must be placed on silent or vibrate mode and, when in use, removed from playing area.


Our clubhouse is a smoke free area. Smoking is permitted in all outside areas including the deck. E-cigarettes are also not permitted in the club house.

Electric Carts

Electric carts are available for rent at 8:00AM on weekdays and 7:30AM on weekends until one hour before dusk. Drivers must be of age and provide a valid drivers license. Cart drivers are expected to remain on cart paths if possible and are required to stay 20 yards away from greens and 10 yards away from tee boxes.


An average round of golf at MCC takes less than four hours. Slow play is defined as any group who is behind the preceding group by one hole or more. Polite golfers allow faster groups to play through. Remember to fill divots and fix ball marks.

The United States Golf Association Rules govern all play, unless a local rule applies as noted on the scorecard.